May sesshin

This is the first time we are offering a 4-day sesshin in May. It will be led by Kanja Roshi. Online applications are open for members who fulfil our pandemic criteria. All other members are welcome to apply for the virtual retreat. All the sittings will be streamed and there will be zoom dokusan once a day. Please apply through the members' pages of zazen.se.


Beginners' retreat

This 3-day retreat will be led by Dharman Sensei and it aims to provide participants with everything they need to get started in a Zen practice. It will be a physical retreat here at Zengården, no online participation. You can attend if you meet one of the following requirements: 1. You have been vaccinated with at least the first dose and you got the shot at least two weeks before the retreat starts 27 May, or, 2. you have had covid and have antibodies confirmed with a pcr-test. It is open to members and non-members alike. You do not need to have any prior experience of meditation to participate. Expressions of interest are welcome now, and members are free to apply online.

Zen practice

Intensive Retreats - sesshin

A traditional Japanese Zen retreat, or sesshin, is a period when all non-essential work is put aside and participants engage in 9 or more hours of formal zazen each day. The silent zazen is complemented by a daily lecture (teisho) and 2 or 3 private meetings each day with the teacher (dokusan). The intensive nature of sesshin allows one to put aside all workday concerns and focus strongly on unifying the mind, with the aim of seeing into one’s true nature. Sesshin practice is for more experienced practitioners and we ask that you speak to one of the teachers if you are planning to apply.

Summer Retreat

As well as sesshin, once a year in June we hold a seven-day summer retreat with a lighter schedule. It is particularly suitable for members who are on their first Zen retreat.

Residential Zen training

Intensive Zen retreat, or sesshin, is one form of Zen practice. Between sesshins, another form of practice is offered to members: Zen training. Instead of focussing so strongly on formal zazen, we move from the base of our daily meditation practice into staying aware and present during all activities, whether working, socialising, eating or playing.

The training schedule typically includes five hours of formal sitting each day, four hours of work and several hours of unstructured time. Dokusan (a private meeting with the teacher) is offered regularly to enable students to receive individual guidance on their practice. One day a week has no formal schedule.

Beginners' Retreats

People usually come to Zengården once they have established a Zen practice through one of our city centers. We recognise that it can be difficult to take part in a retreat for the first time. An extended introduction, including explanations to the different parts of the full day schedule, is useful to many members who want to take part in the events at Zengården. For this reason, in the summer each year, we offer a small number of people who are genuinely interested in finding out whether this practice is for them the chance to participate in a 5-day retreat. During the retreat, participants learn everything they need to know to get started in Zen and about the practice at Zengården. If you would like more information about this, please contact us.

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