June sesshin

The closing date for applications has passed, but late applications are possible. If you are thinking of applying, please do so as soon as possible, to make the planning easier.


Beginners' retreat (English)

Every year, we offer two live-in retreats suited to complete beginners, one in English and one in Swedish. Participants will learn everything they need to know to get started with their Zen practice. The English retreat will run from 6 to 9 July and be led by Kanja Roshi this year. Members can apply online. Non-members please email for details.


Nybörjarretreat (svenska)

Varje år har vi två retreater som passar nybörjare, även de utan någon som helst tidigare erfarenhet. Vi har en retreat på svenska och en på engelska. Deltagarna får lära sig allt man behöver för att komma igång med sin zenpraktik. Den svenska retreaten kommer vara 14-17 juli och leds av Sante-roshi i år. Du som är medlem kan ansöka på hemsidan. Alla andra får maila Zengården för ytterligare information.


Zengården is the head temple and retreat center of the Swedish Zen Buddhist Society (Zenbuddhistiska Samfundet). We also have city Zen centres in Stockholm, Lund, Göteborg, Tampere, Cologne and Glasgow; and sitting groups in Uppsala and Helsinki. You can also visit zazen.se to read more about our organisation and order items from our webshop.

Members are welcome to apply for any of our events: see the sidebar for upcoming events, or click here for a pdf of the full calendar for the year.

Click here to see the different fees at Zengården.

If you are not a member, but are interested in Zen, you can contact any of our city centers about attending one of their regular introductions to Zen. If you live far away from any of our city centers, you can contact us to discuss how to get started.

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