advance notice of sesshins 2018

Schedule for the first few 2018 sesshins: 17 - 21 January, 10 - 17 February, 7 - 11 March and 30 March to 6 April (yes, it starts on Good Friday!)


Weekend retreat

Sante Roshi will lead this 2-day retreat. It is a perfect way to build up to your first sesshin, or to go a bit deeper in your practice when you don't have time to come to a full sesshin. It runs from dinner on Friday until lunch on Sunday. Please apply by 17 September.


October Sesshin

Applications are being accepted for this 7-day sesshin, which runs from 14 to 21 October, led by Sante Roshi. Most sesshins are full these days, so it is important to apply by the deadline of 14 September if you want your application to be considered.


November sesshin

Applications are open for the November sesshin (15 - 19 November with Kanja Roshi). Most sesshins are full these days, so please apply by the closing date of 1 November.


rohatsu sesshin

Applications for Rohatsu sesshin (2 - 9 December with Kanja Roshi) are now being accepted. This is one of the most popular sesshins of year, so it is unlikely you will get in unless you apply before the closing date of 2 October.


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